Mens Spring 2016 – Dries Van Noten

References to Marilyn Monroe and Elsa Schiaparelli’s works paired with Van Noten’s roomy trousers and chic suspenders were a match made in heaven… Continue reading


Mens Spring 2016 – Louis Vuitton

I know I have said my piece about matching prints for next season but Kim Jones just had one of his best collection for Louis Vuitton. I seldom like his take on the brands menswear but I really appreciated the Asian references on his collection. Continue reading

Mens Spring 2016 – Raf Simons

Season after season I always look for something new when it comes to mens fashion. Lets face it we can only handle enough of the usual suit, shirt and tailored pants combo. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of designers who try to push the boundaries of mens dressing but sometimes they tend to be quirky or too artistic for street fashion. But then again there are some like Raf Simons who just continually surprises us. Continue reading

Mens Spring 2016 – Valentino

I usually dislike collections with more than 40 looks. They tend to be boring with no direction or too much usage of a reference. But Valentino came out different. Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Picciolli had tons of references for their latest menswear collection for the house of Valentino. Obviously it was hard relating everything on the runway but I’m glad the clothes were good and wearable. Continue reading

Mens Spring 2016 – Jil Sander

Prints are all the rave this spring and I was wondering if next year would be the same. Well most of the designers are flooding their runways with matching printed outfits and I’m kind of getting sick of them. Don’t get me wrong I just purchased my very first matching shirt and shorts but it would not be that interesting if there is so many of them. Continue reading