Fall 2015 Couture – Chanel

Definitely not Karl Lagerfeld’s strongest collection to date. I just want to get that out of my system before I talk about his clothes. Karl Lagerfeld took everyone into his dream casino for Chanel’s latest haute couture collection. And of course since its Karl’s dream, stars like Rinko Kikuchi, Kristen Stewart and Julian Moore overflowed the gambling tables in their custom frocks. Lagerfeld designed all of their dresses as how he sees them in his dream.


Then came the clothes. The hype was so high before the show started with all these stars gambling right in front of you that when the clothes started parading down the runway I understood why Julianne Moore could not even be bothered to look at the clothes. Of course they have seen the clothes beforehand but if Karl was sending a message through his clothes, it was subtle to say the least. Most of the clothes were made by the help of a computer, hence the gambling theme Karl used as motif for a made-by-hand collection. After this, I think we have to wait until that technology improves and for the meantime create them by hand as they were supposed to. But some of the clothes were not that bad. I liked the new, light and improved quilts. Maybe he could do it for spring. The emphasized shoulders with its military inspired epaulettes made bold shoulders. The matching strong collars were a delight.



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