Fall 2015 Couture – Christian Dior

Everyone fell in love with how Raf Simons deconstructed the infamous Dior coat sleeve. It was a sharp and modern turn for the brand who always delivers elegant coats on the runway. I guess it was the perfect time for Simons to inject his own DNA to the brand. The coats looked like a cape in some ways and offered a single sleeve. Sometimes the sleeve was made of fur but I love how it still maintained its elegance.




But the thing I liked the best was his florals. The dresses contradicted the bulkiness of his coats. I just love the prints. I know its totally weird for fall but why not. I love how some of his dresses looked ethereal and light even though the skirt offered volume. In the absence of the coat, a textured sweater or a chain armor offered the structure. For the evening I love how the florals evolved into cut feathers paired with subtle embellishments. The romantic day dresses turned into their sexy and elegant evening counterparts. I love how he showed skin with never ending slits. Some of the dresses relied on delicate chains to hold them together. It was fun watching Simons play with contradicting elements for this season.





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