Mens Spring 2016 – Burberry Prorsum

All spring I have been jealous with the ladies embracing the lace trend. May it be from delicate white lace cocktail dresses to hints of it imposed on grey sweaters. So I thought it was unfair that men could not enjoy the trend. Well Christopher Bailey just showed my why…



At first it came out as delicate shirts inside a well tailored jacket and I thought this is it. It was kind of feminine but the jacket gave a sort of balance. The matching lace neckties were adorable too. Seasons after seasons Bailey has been murdering the famous British brand and I thought he finally made something worth obsessing about. But when it was incorporated into collars of his fabulous trench coats, it kind of tipped the scales. It started looking wrong. What I love about laces this season is the delicate edges it offers to hems of shirts or dresses. But when it is superimposed on a mans body it looses its luster.




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