My Search for a New Bag

I long gave up on handbags because they were just too girly, duh, or too dressed up. I don’t know why I have always been attracted to them. It just makes me happy to see a beautiful bag on someones arm but it doesn’t feel right on me. I find it awkward seeing a fashionable guy carrying ladies purse, you know what I mean. Mens bags on the other hand are way too huge for my frame. That is why I have decided to step back and just appreciate them instead. Continue reading


Model Alert: Leo Bruno

Models come and go especially in this fast-paced technology crazy world. Blogs bombard you daily with editorials featuring upcoming models and sometimes repackaged models. Of course, there is always the model rankings at to update you on whose on top of their game weekly. This is a little superficial but we always find that little fault in them physically and push them aside and forget about them. We all know they are blessed physically but it takes something to be liked by everyone.  Continue reading

Céline’s Belt Bag


It has been a hectic couple of weeks for me lately but I just had to write about Céline’s Fall Handbag addition, the Belt Bag. I was browsing for a new bag to replace my canvas bags, which will be featured in another post soon, and I came across this beauty. Phoebe Philo has always been on point when it comes to her bags, minimalist, unique and always coveted by the worlds fashion forward population. Continue reading