COS Anonymous


You might have read my previous post regarding my special relationship with Comme des Garçons PLAY. The worst part of being obsessed with a brand is having the same relationship with another brand at the same time.


My bank account has suffered a lot lately because aside from PLAY purchases I have been taking the opportunity to save 25% from my COS purchases. You must have known by now that they have just landed in the US and as a welcoming gift, they offer 25% discount on your purchases. Its actually per email so you need to be smart if you know what I mean. My first order included a melange sweatshirt, a bonded jersey t-shirt and a suede patch jumper. I have to say the quality is impeccable. I have worn the suede patch jumper in royal blue and the bonded jersey in grey and they all received compliments. The pieces were all wearable and the minimalist factor in them will make them last for a lifetime.


My next order were mostly tops for fall just to take advantage of the discount. They don’t have enough choices for bottoms. I would not pay more than $50 for a pair of shorts. Basically they have more pieces for women. I hope this would change soon because I really like their clothes. They have adorable pieces for kids too. I hope they would continue their promotions because I don’t usually spend this much for everyday clothes.


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