Comme des Garçons Anonymous


I have been missing in blog action lately because of the ongoing semi-annual sales. Its the time of the year where I lose all my composure and just find the shoes and sweaters I have been lusting for all fall and winter in 30 to 50% off.


But before I talk about all the sales that has been going on, let me talk about my current obsession. I’m not a fan of unconventional fashion so Rei Kawakubo, Martin Margiela and Yohji Yamamoto don’t get too much attention when I do my fashion week reviews. But lately after visiting Dover Street Market New York, Rei Kawakubo opened my eyes to this not-your-usual style. Lately I have been visiting the boutique trying on oversized pants from KTZ, even skirts from Daniela Gregis and minimalist shoes from Feit Shoes. I have never heard of these brands before but I like how comfortable and unique they are.


I’m always surprised every time I check the outfits on the mirror because I don’t recognize myself. I’m starting to like what I see on the reflection because you don’t have to be super skinny to wear some of the pieces. I love how freeing the oversized sweaters from 1205 were. If only they were affordable I would gladly embrace this out-of-the-box fashion in a New York minute. Every time I see the price tag, like when I fell in love with the Feit Shoes leather slippers, a Gucci horsebit loafer comes to mind. Then I would conclude the loafers would last more since I can pair it with most of my outfits.


I’m still ambivalent regarding the unorthodox trend but I’m sure that when I have enough money to afford a closet of Comme des Garçons or brands from Dover Street Market I will definitely be a follower. Whats funny is that I always imagined when I get super rich I would be wearing Hermès and Chanel but now I’m starting to lean towards this other form of creativity. For the mean time I’m obsessed with Comme des Garçons PLAY. I know its not something new but before I always say I can buy a lot of striped shirts with that price. Now I swallowed everything I said and made this my weekly purchase.


Last weekend I did a pilgrimage and walked my way to the Comme des Garçons main boutique in Chelsea. I was not surprised with its nondescript exterior learning from their Dover Street Market building. The entrance was like entering a space shuttle and everyone will hear you coming in because of its metal walkway. The people were not as friendly as in Dover Street but when you know what you want and when they sense you know what you’re talking about, they start to become friendly.



The PLAY is located all the way to the end so you will have an idea of the shop’s interiors. The fitting rooms were there as well and someone important was trying on a complicated black dress with miles and miles of chains because three associates were helping her and everyone was unusually super friendly. They don’t let you try on the PLAY items because they consider them as underwear so if you are not sure about your size, better get them at DSM because they have a 7 day return and 14 day exchange policies. One more thing, if you get them at the Chelsea boutique, they are considered as final sales. I know I have to stop buying them because I think I have enough but the bug eyed heart just makes it adorable. I’m thinking of getting the sneakers the next time I’m there. I know I have a problem and I’ll do something about it after I get the sneakers…




One thought on “Comme des Garçons Anonymous

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